MY Prime Minister took train during peak hours

MY Prime Minister took train during peak hours to see the problems that commuters are facing everyday. Salute to the man.
OK, that is not my Prime Minister. It’s MY Prime Minister (MY is the short form for Malaysia). Haha. How many of you got fooled by my title? You must be kidding right? My Singapore Prime Minister will take the train during peak hours to see the problem that commuters are facing everyday meh? It is not possible in Singapore lor. Singapore SMRT is pack to the brim during peak hours. People, like our million dollar ministers, whom never had any experience in taking SMRT will be trampled to death by the peak hour crowd. You wouldn’t want our Prime Minister, would you?
But if our Prime Minister really want to try taking SMRT to see the problems that our commuters are facing everyday, I suggest that he start by taking train during off peak hours. You must be thinking that it is useless for him to take train during off peak as he can’t see the real problem. But we can’t just ask him to take the peak hour train without any formal training right? That like feeding him to the peak hour sharks. These things should slowly progress. Besides, I’ve already shown everyone that our world class transport system is packed like sardines even during off peak hours. Check out this and this.
Once he get used to taking train during off peak hours, (and perhaps also managed to convince our million dollar transport minister that something need to be done about the freaking off peak hour train frequency) then he should try taking train during peak hours. Woohoo! That will be fun. I volunteer to be the live blogger for the event. (Provided I managed to type in the peak hour train.)
For the ultimate challenge, he should try boarding the east bound train at Jurong East MRT Station during peak hours. Once he managed to squeeze his way on the train at Jurong East MRT station, he can take on any world class transport in the world without any problem. OK, maybe not Japan’s subway. But the rest of the world should be still alright.

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