Naming the 4th University

MOE is inviting the public to help name the 4th University in Singapore. The 4th University will open its doors in 2011. It will admit 500 students in its first batch for two of the three disciplines identified for it: engineering and applied sciences, business and IT, and design and architecture. The university will be build on land that had been put aside for the aborted University of New South Wales Asia at Upper Changi Road.
Based on past experience when Singaporean name Marina Bay as “Marina Bay”, Bukit Panjang LRT as “Bukit Panjang LRT” and Budget Terminal as “Budget Terminal”, I think the name of the new University will most likely be one of the following:-
1) Singapore University
2) 4th University of Singapore
3) Changi University
4) Upper Changi University
I hope I’m wrong….


  1. I tried naming the Budget Terminal to something else and in the end, they stuck with Budget Terminal. I am so not going to bother myself since they won’t be using new names.
    There’s no price for naming the new university too!

  2. Mintea: Yeap. I’m not taking part.
    Wishbone: I can feel your pain. Why waste our braincells when end of the day they going to use back the original name? But on 2nd thought, I feel like submitting an entry to them for “Changi University”. I got this feeling it will be choosen. Hahaha

  3. Singapore Changi University
    Singapore Empat University
    Empat University of Singapore
    Singapore East University
    Eastern University of Singapore
    All theses got chance a not?

  4. suggestions:
    (This Used to Be The University of New South Wales Asia, Now is The Fourth University)
    – the uni (4th)
    – the uni next to the famous nasi lemak
    – the uni next to the famous changi village
    – the uni next to the famous shemale standing place
    – East Side University
    – Almost to malaysia university
    Paddy Tans last blog post..Comex 2008 report –

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