Lornie Road Viaduct completed – Jam worse than before

After 4 years and 34 millions, the Lornie Road Viaduct is finally ready. Woohoo!!!

Senior Minister of State for Transport Lim Hwee Hua, who officiated at its opening ceremony yesterday, said: ‘This much-awaited direct connection between Lornie and Braddell roads will allow motorists to bypass two traffic junctions, thereby reducing travel time by an estimated four minutes.’

That’s cool. But barely a week later, there is news about traffic jam along Lornie road.

Ms Jalene Chua, 39, a manager at a local company, said: ‘I was really excited when I learnt that the new viaduct was finally ready for use after four long years. So you can imagine my dismay when I was stuck in an even worse traffic jam on Monday morning.’
Ms Chua, who lives in Lorong Chuan, was on the viaduct around 7.45am.
To beat the jam, she left earlier the next day. ‘Flow on the viaduct was smooth, but there was a massive jam right after it, all the way to Farrer Road. I am taking at least five minutes more than before the viaduct was open,’ she said.

The problem is that the new viaduct is allowing traffic to enter Lornie road at a faster rate, thus causing a bigger jam along Lornie Road. LTA responded to this by saying that it will widen Lornie road to “alleviate the traffic condition”.
But my question is, isn’t that a little too late? Why didn’t they use any traffic flow simulators to test the impact of the new viaduct? Widening the roads now is a little too late. They should have started doing that when building the viaduct.
It seems like the Lornie Road jam is going to stay for quite some time.
Just for recap. Senior Minister of State for Transport Lim Hwee Hua said that the new viaduct provides a direct connection between Lornie and Braddell roads, by passby two traffic junctions and travel time by an estimated four minutes. She is right. The new viaduct did reduce the traveling time between Lornie and Braddel road by four minutes. But she didn’t say anything about the bigger traffic jam AFTER the viaduct.
And do I still need to explain to you why we need so many ERP gantries?

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