My new notebook

OK, it’s not that kind of notebook that you are thinking about. There is no battery, no USB and no keyboard. I got myself a notebook. The kind that uses a pen and has pages.

Yes yes. Its a notebook, not laptop. You must be wondering what went wrong with me. Why am I dropping technology and going back to stone age. I figured that my thoughts flows better when I write them down instead of typing. (Even though I type faster than I write.) A notebook would be good for me to take some simple notes and pen down my thoughts.
Actually, I’ve been searching for a good notebook for quite some time. But the picky me couldn’t find a suitable one. Ridz has a great notebook. But I don’t want to be spotted with the same notebook with him. Haha. So after months of searching, I finally found a nice notebook from Prints.
It has 40 sheets with lines and 40 sheets without lines. I can slot a pen at the side. And most importantly, it has some plastic pockets at the back for me to put papers and namecards. Cool right. I feel so geeky. Haha.

This has got to be the most expensive notebook I’ve ever bought. $26. Yeap. Add a few more bucks and I can buy a moleskin. But well, I guess this notebook fits my needs better. And I look cool when I walk around with it. Hahaha….


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