iPhone Backup Battery

The biggest problem with the iPhone 3G is the battery life. On a normal day, my iPhone battery life will usually go below 20% by the end of the day. On a heavy usage day, I’ll need to charge my iPhone by mid-day. All the great features on the iPhone are power suckers. There are many DIY solutions on how to maximize the iPhone battery life. But these solutions usually involves turning off the key features of the iPhone 3G. After turning all those features off, your iPhone 3G is almost like the 1st Gen iPhone. My question to those who wrote the DIY solutions is “Then why bother buying a iPhone 3G?”
I never follow those DIY solutions like turning off WIFI and 3G when not in use. I keep them running most of the time. Usually I’ll just charge my iPhone using my laptop in office on a heavy usage day. But it is near impossible to charge the iPhone using laptop when I’m on the move.
And to make things worst, the sleek design of iPhone doesn’t allows you to interchange battery. That means you can’t buy another battery to swop when you run out of juice. Until now. I just got this iPhone backup battery review set from Shop2u. Woohoo!

The iPhone backup battery is slightly less than 1/2 the size of the iPhone. It’s very easy to use. Just plug the backup battry to the bottom of your iPhone and the charging process begins. No buttons or anything. It’s almost like plugging your iPhone to the USB cable for charging, except there is no wire involved. Best of all, you can still use your iPhone while the backup battery is charging.

And when the backup battery run out of juice, just plug it to the regular iPhone USB charging cable and you can charge the backup battery. It’s that simple.
So when Shop2u pass me the backup battery for review, it was a really simple job for me. The whole thing so simple that it doesn’t need much explainations. This little iPhone backup battery does what it is supposed to do, that is to charge the iPhone while on the go. It is a life saver for all mobile warrior who are using iPhone 3G.

The iPhone Backup Battery is available in 2 colours, Black and White. You can buy it from Shop2u at $49.90 with free delivery within Singapore. (Original price is $59.90) Also available for iPod.


  1. I thought Apple does battery replacement for iPhone? But you have to bring them to the states to get it replaced. Else have to go for 3rd party solutions.

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