Some cool iPhone apps

Been playing with my iPhone quite a bit lately. The apps store is great, although its filled with lots of simple apps that charges $0.99. Come on guys, some of the apps are so simple that they should be free. You expect me to pay $0.99 for an app that just display a white screen? (Act as a torchlight) Luckily someone did another torchlight app for free.
OK, enough of ranting. This post is supposed to introduce some great applications in the apps store that I’ve been using. All of them are free in the apps store. Cheers to their developers.
Air Sharing – This application turn your iPhone into a wireless harddisk. It can also view files like word, excel, powerpoint, PDF etc etc. (NOTE: This app is only free for 2 weeks. It will cost $6.99 when the promo ends)
Facebook – Use this application to access facebook. You can write on your friends’ wall, read your messages and chat with friends.
Remote – A remote control for your iTunes. Control your iTunes anywhere in the house so long as both your computer and your iPhone is connected to the same network.
Twitterific – A great app for using twitter. Makes it easy to reply or send direct message to your friends.
Shazam – I’m still amazed by this app. Just do a 10 second recording of any song, send to the server and it will tell you the title and artist of the song. Cool.
WordPress – A great app for updating your wordpress blog.
(Note: For convenient sake, I’ll just mention iPhone. Most of the apps should also work with iPod Touch too)
Do you have any interesting iPhone/iPod touch apps?


  1. Just installed Notebook. I think that’s closest to what I want now. Synced to a web site where notes are editable and OFFLINE access on the phone.
    Evernote, while free, doesn’t provide offline access. YouNote doesn’t sync.

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