How Lam Soon Group engaged the New Media

Ah Wei posted an blog entry about a poorly designed cooking oil bottle recently and was contacted by the company, Lam Soon Group. The company requested that he remove the blog post. But Ah Wei did the right thing by not removing the blog entry. After all, what he wrote was the truth. There is indeed a problem with the bottle. Something need to be done about it.
At first I thought the company is going to give him trouble. Maybe sue him and demand that he take down the blog enty or something. After all, some traditional brands still don’t know how to engage the new media and are quite resistant towards them.
But I was TOTALLY wrong.
The representive from Lam Soon Group arranged to meet Ah Wei at his house void deck the next day and gave him a refund. He even explained to him that the bottle was most likely tempered with or dropped on the floor before. He even explained that the bottle was design in this manner so that it can be easily recycled. Interesting, although we all know that Singaporeans don’t have the habit of recycling yet. Let’s hope things will change. The representive even gave Ah Wei a box of mooncake since Mid-Autumn Festival is just round the corner. Talk about service recovery.
Respect to the company and their PR department. This should always be the way to engage the New Media. The only wrong thing they did was to request the blog entry to be taken down. In fact, all these should be displayed on the internet for everyone to see. Especially the response from the company. Good job guys!
Of all companies in Singapore, I never expect a traditional company like Lam Soon Group to engage the new media in such professional manner. This company really earn my respect. All companies should take a leaf out of Lam Soon’s book.
The next time I see a Knife Brand cooking oil, I’ll surely recall this incident and the professionlism displayed by the Lam Soon Group Representive.


  1. Seow. People give you free thing, you sing praise. No free thing, then call him anything but good. In the end is por nei ge lampa nia ma. Like that you call what respect or what new way to engage what media? Majiam talk like you first time living on earth leh.

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