Just raise the bloody fare and shut up

Warning: Ranting ahead. Skip if you hate ranting.
Just raise the bloody bus/train fare and shut up. Really, just take the money and shut up. Stop using propaganda and tell us that “Commuters generally welcome bus, train fare changes“. Who the F do you think we are? You think we are dumb or what? You expect us to believe you and your propaganda message meh? HELLO! Wake up your idea.
Seriously, just raise the fare lah. You guys will always find excuses every year to raise the bus/train fare. The only year you didn’t raise the fare was back in 2001 and that was because it was election year. You guys even had a fare hike during the last election in 2006. But instead of the usual July fare hike, you guys postpone the fare till October which is after the election. Nothing is going to stop you guys from increasing the fare every year. So just raise the fare like you always do. Why bother about all those propaganda messages?
I’m super pissed off when I read those propaganda article. Seriously, where did they find those people who are happy with the fare hike? I haven’t seen any yet. Even if there are some, it’s clearly not the majority. So stop telling us that the people generally welcome the fare hike. Stop telling us how good the fare hike is. We are not dumb. Stop insulting out intelligence.
Just raise the bloody fare and shut up.
**Rant over**


  1. Nonetheless, this is a fare change that is welcome by those who have to make transfers. My mum who makes a transfer to get to her work place will end up saving 7 cents per direction. The ones who end up paying more (either 4 or 9 cents) are those with a direct route to their destination like myself. 🙁

  2. its nothing to me, for now.
    student fare only 45cents each trip, and 10-15cents rebate
    so to take 2 bus for me, is only roughly 80cents for how many hows of ride i want, more over, students no need to tap out
    but oh well, *SALUTE* for the rant thing

  3. yongwei: Sorry to break the news to you, but there is no transfer rebate if you do not tap out. Transfer rebates are only awarded to qualifying transfers done within 45 minutes of tapping out.

  4. yongwei: That is interesting. So it seems like they might have brought over the old magnetic farecard system to allowing transfers to be carried out within 1.5 hours of boarding if no tap out was done.
    It would be interesting for you to try to attempt a transfer after a 1.5 hour period.

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