Sony Cybershot – T77, T500 and T700

I was invited by Audrey from Hill & Knowlton to attend the launch of 3 new Sony Cybershot at the White Rabbit. The white rabbit is located near Dempsey road. I’ve no idea why is the place call white rabbit. All I knew was that the place is very ulu and the building used to be a church.

Anyway, I was there to witness the launch of 3 new Sony Cybershot camera. The T77, T500 and T700.

The T77 seems to be the replacement for T70. It’s a 10.1 Megapixels camera with a 3 inch LCD touch screen. It comes in 5 stylish colours, Black, Silver, Green, Pink and Brown. The T77 is 15mm thick slim and weighs 151 grams.

The T700 seems to be the replacement for T300. It’s also a 10.1 megapixels camera with a 3.5 inch LCD touch screen. Comes in 4 colours, Black, Silver, Pink and Red. The T700 is slightly thicker at 16.4mm and weighs 160 grams. And best of all, it comes with a 4 GB memory built in. If that is not enough, you can always plug in new memory card.
Sony seems to know that they have found the right formula for User Interface on their Cybershot series. The UI for the new model is more or less the same as previous cybershot camera. You control everything on the huge touchscreen. Most of the features that you find on the previous cybershot camera can also be found on the 2 new models.

Some of the features are enhanced. For example, better intelligent scene recognition and face detection. The smile detection features has also been improved to allows unlimited photos. Perfect! In the past, you can only take 8 photos using smile detection at one go. I was telling them that they should put the camera on a mini tripod, place it at the reception table and turn on smile detection. Who knows what interesting photo we can find.
The T77 and T700 are great cameras. I love the large touchscreen, smile detection, fast startup and compact size. The T77 and T700 are just minor upgrades from their predecessors. T70 and T300 owners need not rush to the store to get the new models as they didn’t lose out a lot. But if you are using older models, the T77 and T700 are worth a look.
The other model that was being launched that day was the T500. At first glance, the T500 looks almost like T300 and T77, except it is slightly larger. The specifications of the T500 is almost like T700. 10.1 megapixels and 3.5 inch touch screen. The main feature of the T500 is HD video recording. Yes, you heard me right, HD video recording on a cybershot. OK, I’m going to stay away from whoever is using the T500 to do video recording.

The biggest drawback of the T500 is the size. It’s slightly larger than the T700. The T500 is 21.4mm thick and weighs 180 grams.

It was a fun event. The media get a chance to play with the great features found on the Sony Cybershot. There was a mini contest and it wasn’t hard to guess that the group with the most bloggers win. And we walked away with a brand new Sony DPF-D70 digital photo frame. Woohoo!

Many thanks to Audrey for the invite. I’m impressed that you remember I’m a T300 user. Thanks to Sony and Hill & Knowlton for organising the event.


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