Found a handphone on taxi last friday. This is my first time finding a handphone.

A couple of things went thru my mind when I saw the phone. I can’t deny that the temptation of keeping the phone for myself was there. Although it’s a very basic phone with no camera, I’m sure it will come in handy during my reservist. But I decided to return the phone to the owner. I think I won’t do that if it’s a iPhone, Touch Diamond, Omina or E71. Oh well…. that’s another story.
It took a while before the owner realized that she lost her phone. I can’t meet her immediately as I’m rushing for a meeting. I arranged to meet her at the end of the day near my office. Luckily for her, this is her secondary phone.
Somehow, I think it’s because of this good deed, my day went very smoothly. The meeting was better than expected. Lots of areas being covered and looking forward to a great partnership.
Later that day, someone message me about some opportunities which seems promising. I’m very excited about it. Can’t reveal too much as nothing is firm yet.
Sometimes, it pays to do good things. 🙂


  1. hi! did u find the phone in the taxi no. sha 6046 z. i believe the handphone is mine.. can u pls reply me???
    ta-dah! bluff u la! guess who!!!

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