Geek bag

Guess what’s inside this bag.

If your guess is bandages and medicine, then sorry, you are wrong. Although it’s a first aid bag, there is no first aid stuff inside. Instead, its full of geek stuff.

OK, from left to right.
Ear phones, iPhone backup Battery, Camera Battery, iPhone/iPod cable, M2 card reader, 2.5inch portable harddisk, harddisk cable, memory cards (in a namecard holder), Mobile broadband modem, thumbdrives and internet banking token (in the black pouch).
I got the inspiration from Danny, the biggest Geek and best Barista from Geek Terminal. He kept all his little gadgets in a toiletry bag. It’s a great idea. My bag is super messy with all the little gadgets all over the place. Now with this geek bag, my bag is more organised.
OK, I feel so geeky now. Wahahaha.


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