Eeerrr… How do you tell which car is which?

Since my office is near the Marina Bay Street Circuit, I decided to pop by after work on friday to watch the practice session. The engine of the F1 car is so loud that I can hear them from my office at Middle Road. Power!
There are quite a lot of people around the track. The organisers used banners to cover the fence so that those without ticket can’t get a good view. But I managed to find a few good place to watch the F1 car zoom pass.
The view from the overhead bridge between Suntec and Marina Square.

I went down the overhead bridge to the side of the race track near Suntec Starbucks. The sound from the F1 car is deafening.

The car are going so fast that you can’t even see the colours clearly. I learnt the area that I was standing is one of the fastest lane in the whole circuit. It’s between turn 6 and turn 7. The car can go up to 300km/h. Wow….. no wonder they didn’t turn on the ERP. Can’t even catch them when they pass the gantries.
So, how do you tell which car is which?


  1. Farinelli: Yeap. The tickets are really expensive. And we just don’t know how to appreciate it. Prefer to watch on TV where there is an expert telling me what is happening. 🙂

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