Chevy Night Race Party

While most people are watching the F1 race at home, I was lucky enough to be invited by Chevrolet to attend their private F1 party at Gotham Penthouse. So instead of watching the race on my tiny 29 inch TV, I get to watch the race on a large projector screen. And they are using Star Sport, not the sub-standard commentary from Channel 5. Woohoo!
As you all know, I was begging looking for someone to join me at the event. In the end, I choose to go to the event with Lu Yee. Haven’t seen her for quite some time already.

Met up with Nicole and Terence at the event. We were lucky to grab a good seat near the projector screen. Apart from watching the F1 race, there is also a remote control car race happening at Gotham Penthouse. Terence and I took part in the race but both of us didn’t manage to get pass the first qualifying round. Guess must be the beer that us had. Remember, when you drink, don’t drive. (Including remote control cars)

The invited guests are mostly new Chevrolet car owners. Most of them were rather quiet throughout the race. Either everyone is cheering inside their heart or they are shocked that Ferrari make a big mistake. In the end, it was Fernando Alonso who claim the first spot. Who would have expect the Renault driver to win from a grid 15 start.
I’m glad I was invited to the event. Good food, beers and great company makes the exciting F1 race even more enjoyable.

Thanks to Clarence and Earth9 for the invite. Thanks to General Motors and Chevrolet for the great event.

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