There is always room at the top

I always love Techno, Trance, Instrumental and Retro. (I know, weird combi)
My first exposure to clubbing is retro music. I still remember going Venom with my classmates on Thursday Retro night. At one point, I was there like virtually almost every Thursday night. And only retro music can get me to the dance floor. I used to be able to do those hand gestures for the retro songs.
Those were the days. Now too old already. Can’t dance anymore. Prefer to sit down and drink beer.
It’s hard for me to pick my favorite retro songs. I have too many favorite Retro Songs. Songs like “A Little Respect”, “Bizarre Love Triangle”, “The Great Commandment”, “I heard a rumor”, “Together Forever”, “You Spin Me Round”, “Venus”, “I want you back”, “Blame It On The Boogie”, “Never Gonna Give You Up”, “Strange Love”, “Once in a Lifetime”, “Room at the top”, “Forever Young”, “Tarzan Boy” etc etc etc….. You get the point.
It’s always nice to switch to listen Retro Songs once in a while. I like to listen to Retro Songs when something is troubling me. It sort of calm me down and makes me feel better. The choice for tonight is Room at the Top by Adam Ant. It’s to remind myself that there is always room at the top. Don’t let anyone tell me that there is not. It’s time for me to move out of this comfort zone and go to the top.
Not really the ideal song to play on a peaceful night. You might want to turn your speakers volume down a bit before playing the youtube video.
Adam Ant – Room At The Top

Once is never enough
Never is never was
Here and now is all that counts
Here and now in large amounts
Be beautiful but shut up
The going can be real tough
You can keep your fancy bars
Clubby friends and fast cars
And when the going gets hard
You can eat your credit cards
I really tried to fight it
But what the hell I like it
There is always room at the top
Dont let them tell you there is not
Made in england born and bred
An eighteenth century brain
In a twenty first century head
Room at the top — so eighteenth century
Room at the top — so eighteenth century
Room at the top
Theres always room
If some of this fits some of you
Or like the things that you might do
Its the pleasure and the pain
That makes us do it all again
They say
Be beautiful and shut up
The going can be real tough


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