I’m now at the The Legends, Fort Canning Park for the Singapore Digital Media Festival 2008. I’ll be using this entry for live blogging and update you about things that is happening at the event. I won’t be able to do word by word live blogging. Too many things happening here. But I’ll post the highlights and short snippets.
For full coverage, you can also check out my live webstreaming here.
[1245] We are currently at the Panel discussion and Q&A with Iolo Jones, Hugh Hancock, Timo Vuorensola and Sandeep Bakhshi.

[1300] Hugh Hancock: Nobody made money from their first featured film.
[1308] Timo Vuorensola: People want to know the person behind the content.
[1310] We are taking a break for lunch. Will be back shortly. (Need to clean up this entry.)
[1435] Back from a private blogger session with the panel speakers and a quick lunch. Will try to blog about the private session later when I have time.
[1436] We are in the middle of the session on Digital Production and Visualisation
[1439] Mr Stefano Virgilli from Adobe User Group Singapore coming up on stage now.
[1440] Having some technical problem. We will go into panel discussion first.

[1449] Is it better to purposely make film that are unrealistic if you can’t make them as realistic like Final Fantasy?
[1455] How to monetize a completely pointless video? Maybe a video of someone sneezing on youtube can be paired with flu med.
[1507] Abishek Nair: A lot of people put film on the internet is for the fun factor. It does not matter if they make money. It’s more for the experience.
[1510] Moving to next session: Web-Enabled Business Models & Channels of Distribution.
[1511] Paul Meyers, CEO of Acme Mobile. Acme Mobile has 280 million of audience. They have 4 business model.
1) Wholesale distribution model. (Traditional media)
2) Amoe.com. (Selling direct to customer)
3) 3rd party platform development.
4) Experimenting with “Free”. (Just launch a football site today)
[1515] James Seng, VP of International Sales of PPLive. PPLive started in 2005 and is looking into expandation out of China. It is a peer to peer platform where everyone can share videos among friends. 110 million users in China. On average, a user spend 13 hr a week on PPLive.
[1519] They had 1.9 million concurrent users during Olympic opening night. Wow.
[1520] Philip Morgan, Chief Operating Officer of Muvee Technologies. Muvee do consumer video editing software.
[1524] Shwup.com allows users to create movie online and share it.

[1526] Joanne Teoh, Senior Producer of Channel NewsAsia. Anyone with a camera can claim to be a journalist.
[1532] Capitalize on core information assets. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Mediate, curate, aggregate, integrate.
[1537] Traditional media can break out of the box and use new media.
[1540] The web link us up not by proximity, but by interest.
[1540] Panel starting. Content doesn’t pay. It’s the things around the content that pays.

[1543] James Seng: The Chinese government is not as restrictive as what we all think. Some chinese says the China government is less restrictive than Singapore government
[1550] Paul Meyers: Consumption model will need to change. People will pay for content that fulfill a need. For example, someone might pay results of the football match delivered to his/her phone.
[1552] James Seng: Per per view movie on Computer/TV will not work in China. But it might work on a mobile phone.
[1555] Micro payment will not work in Singapore as the market is not big enough. But it might work in big countries like USA.
[1558] We are going for a tea break. Will be right back.

[1635] We are back from tea break and a great discussion session over coffee.
[1637] The Singapore DM Fest 2008 logo is designed by Nicholas Ang, a Design Student of Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
[1640] Aroon Tan, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Magma Studios. Magma Studios help companies create a virtual world.
[1645] Jonathan Wong, Web Platform Evangelist from Microsoft Singapore. It’s impossible for him to talk about web 2.0 within the 5 minutes time span.
[1648] Showing us a mobtv site done with silverlight. Still a demo. Not live yet.

[1649] There are some interactive features like seeing the bios of the actor. It also allow viewers to place comments inside the video.
[1651] Demo of Singtel F1 website.

[1656] S.P. Raja, SOA Architect from IBM . Segmentation, Profiling, Mobilization, Behavior.
[1700] People are lazy to turn on computer. So why not bring it to a Handphone?
[1701] Web 2.0 Technology pattern. Contribute, classify, rate, spread.
[1702] Web 3.0? Semantic search on video indexes? Computer are pretty dumb today. They have a lot of information but they don’t know what to do with the information.
[1704] Lai Kok Fung, CEO of BuzzCity Pte Ltd. BuzzCity is in the field of mobile internet.
[1706] 2 tier of mobile internet.
1) People who use laptop connect with handphone to access the internet.
2) People who use handphone to access the internet.
[1707] 2 reason why people come to a online community.
1) look for friends.
2) feel accepted/love
[1710] Hu Shunjie, Flex Developer at Seesmic. Seesmic is a video platform that allows conversation user’s blog/sites.
[1711] Misconception of online community: “If you build it, they will come.”
But more importantly, not just come, but keep coming back.
[1716] People will not email you directly. They will twitter/blog about it. You need to go to them
[1719] Seesmic has a large community of hearing impaired users who use video conferencing to “talk” to each other.
[1720] Panel starting.

[1723] The hype of online community is going down.
[1726] 2 questions that silicon valley still cannot answer.
How to monetized social community?
How to monetized user generated video?
[1728] You need to figure out if advertiser likes user generated content.
[1731] Will people come if there is no reward?
There are 2 type of currency.
1) The currency you use to buy stuff.
2) Social currency.
When you go online, you earn social currency.
[1736] End of panel. Lucky draw time. I don’t remember dropping my namecard into the fishbowl. Haha.
[1745] Signing off. Byeee…

Did anyone read the article on Sunday times regarding how the young are not worried about the recession? There was this interview with a 20 year old undergraduate which created a mini uproar in the blogosphere. I was wondering to myself, where did they managed to find such a person to interview.
The Sunday Times Article:

For 20-year-old undergraduate Agnes Lin, the recession could just be academic.
The Nanyang Technological University first-year student has never been in need: She carries a $2,000 Louis Vuitton handbag to school and uses only Shiseido cosmetic and skincare products.
She carries around the latest mobile phone and goes on overseas vacations with her friends where she would bust $1,000 on shopping alone.
Twice monthly, she shops at her favourite stores – Topshop, Zara and Forever21.
Mum, a private tutor, and Dad, a businessman selling polythene bags, pay for her expenses.
Miss Lin is aware that Singapore faces a recession but the news does not bother her.
She said: ‘I think it is okay for me to maintain my current lifestyle. I may be spending a little bit more than my friends but I don’t think I’m overspending.’
At the moment, she has her eyes on the latest mobile phone in the market, the HTC Touch Pro, which costs about $700.
Although her mother has said ‘no’ to her buying yet another mobile phone, Ms Lin has an inkling she will still get it.
‘I think my mum will still buy it for me. My birthday is coming up!’ she said with a giggle. She confessed that since young, she has never run out of cash. Her parents give her money whenever she asks.
Since she was 16, her monthly pocket money has been $500.
She has an older brother, also an undergraduate. The family live in a four-room flat in Marine Parade.
She thinks a friend of hers, who is left with $20 to last until the end of the month, is silly to consider taking up a part-time job to earn some extra cash.
‘I don’t understand why she cannot just ask her parents for money,’ sighed Miss Lin.
She will enter the working world only after three years but she is already planning ahead.
With her first pay packet, she will buy a $4,000 Chanel bag. ‘After that, I will probably get more bags and watches,’ she added.

Then came the twist. The interviewee claims that she was misquoted.
Blog entry by Agnes Lin

break my silence.
/edit edit edit
till now (130pm) there is still no reply from ST’s side.
Well, we can all see why…..
/edit edit
Thank you to everyone out there who sent me encouraging messages, trusting in me and believing me.
I love you all.
now the whole damn world (except my friends and some strangers who left me very encouraging messages on FB) hates me for something i didn’t do.
and there’s nothing I can do about it because I was a dumb shit to have accepted that interview.
sigh, good life to me then.
ok, i think its time for me to speak up, especially since i did nothing wrong.
People reading this, you must either be
my friend
some random loser who has nothing better to do but googling my name
Firstly, no i did not call my friend SILLY for wanting to work part time and i did not, for one, said that i do not understand why she cannot just ask her parents.
What the reporter asked me was ” Do you have any friends you know facing financial difficulties or are in need to money?”
I said ” Yes, I’ve got a friend who has only 20 dollars left for the month. I told her to ask her parents but she said no because she want to be independent because she is already 20 and should not be asking for her parents for money so often already.. So she asked me whats the fastest way to earn money.”
And oh, guess what? She is avoiding my calls like a coward. Sorry Adilah, but this time your sister got me into deepfried shit.
So tomorrow, I will pick up my AWESOME phone, which i told her is currently a lousy phone because my HTC is spoilt (she did not include that), and dial 63196319 to ST.
I will clarify to them that i was misquoted.
I want justice done.
Secondly, what happened to the part where I said I paid for my own air fare and hotel plus my own telephone bills?
I asked Adilah (reporter’s sister) and you know what crap she said?
She said ” I can’t write that down because She (meaning me) did not want me to write that she is bonded, and if i write that she is paying her own bills, it will show because this means that she is drawing a salary”
drawing a salary means bonded meh?
I cannot work part time meh?
Drawing a salary does not necessarily mean that what!
pls la, pls….
don’t give me crap like this just to cover your own shit.
This whole shit is twisted to the point because she wants to compare between teens who are spoilt fucks and do not need to worry for shit and others who are more concerned.
i was misquoted and i want my justice done.

So who is right and who is wrong? You be the judge yourself.

I was laughing when I read this article on The Straits Times. Our Ex Minister of State, Ministry of Education, Mr Chan Soo Sen is the guest of honour for a Degree Mill convocation ceremony.

The guest of honour at Monday’s ceremony was MP for Joo Chiat Chan Soo Sen, who delivered a speech in Mandarin and English.
Contacted afterwards, he said he had been invited by a grassroots leader and accepted as he wanted to encourage the habit of life-long learning.
Told that WCU was unaccredited, he said he had not been given any information about it. ‘If my presence there had given the university credibility, that was not my intention,’ he said.

Why is our MP attending a onvocation ceremony by an unaccredited University? Wait! In the first place, why is there a unaccredited University in Singapore? Is that allowed? Why do we allows unaccredited university to operate in Singapore? Won’t that ruin our reputation as the leading education hub?
Mr Chan Soo Sen wrote to the forum to clarify the matter saying he was misled into attending the ceremony.
Mr Chan was the Minister of State, Ministry of Education from 2004 to 2006. And he was misled into attending a ceremony by an unaccredited university. What a joke! And now that he is the Minister of State, Ministry of Trade & Industry, it makes me wonder if he would be misled into signing free-trade pact with criminals.
Its quite scary that our minister can be misled so easily. How am I suppose to feel safe at night knowing that he is the guy sitting in Parliament setting laws that is going to affect me? What if someone misled him into making some crappy laws?
And although he said that his presence is not to give the university credibility, but in actual fact, the world doesn’t work this way. All they need to do now is to put the convocation group photo with Mr Chan in all their course brochure. I wonder how many students will be misled into taking up the degree because of that photo.
And seriously, as a Minister, you shouldn’t be misled so easily. Super throw face man. Luckily he not my MP. I wonder who voted him into office.
PS: Maybe I should issue my own degree and send an invite to Mr Chan as the guest of honour. I wonder if I could misled him to attend my University of DK convocation.