Sneak peek into WiMAX

Sean Maloney, Intel EVP, talks about WiMAX deployment by Clearwire in Portland.

The coolest thing about WiMAX is that it will enable us to be connected to the internet on the go at a much faster speed than 3.5G. I’m already enjoying the benefits of being connected on the go thru my 3G iPhone. It’s great to be always connected to the internet. I can check emails, browse internet and even blog while on the move. The only drawback is that the access speed, although decent for normal browsing, is still not good enough for large email file attachment and image intensive website.
That’s why I can’t wait for WiMAX to be fully deployed here in Singapore. There are so many things you can do with a high speed internet on the move. Imagine skype, video conferencing and high definition video streaming on the move. And I’m sure developers will come up with many more applications when high speed internet on the move become more popular.
As mentioned previously, we already have WiMAX in the Straits of Singapore. Still waiting for it to be deployed inland and also for more device to deploy WiMAX. And most importantly, hope the quality of WiMAX will not drop when more
Oh, by the way, Sprint recently launched their mobile WiMAX network in Baltimore. Interesting price plan I must say. $10 for a Day pass, $25 for monthly Home Internet service and $30 for monthly On-the-go service.


  1. When WiMAX rolls out in Singapore islandwide, I do hope that we get decent and faster speeds, but less frustration in trying to stay connected.
    I am looking forward to upgrade all my gadgets to experience WiMAX 🙂
    nicoles last blog post..The Mangolicious Cone

  2. The first major WiMAX deployment is supposed to happen in Pakistan, next year.
    I agree it has a lot of potential, but it really depends on how the industry adopts it.. The Telcos are not really excited about it.. It scavenges on their business.
    NTTs last blog post..Hak5 <3 Rev3

  3. In response to “NTT” – actually Korea has had mobile WiMAX for some time now – they call it WiBro but its the same thing – 802.16e.
    Pakistan (Wateen) does indeed have WiMAX also, but its the older 802.16d variety.
    Our friends across the Causeway are also a first-mover – Packet One is deploying its network in Malaysia right now. Other countries making moves on WiMAX are Taiwan, Japan & India.
    Its certainly true to say that, as the U.S. embraces WiMAX, it is a reality in Asia also.
    Nick Jacobs
    Intel Asia PR

  4. Nicole: I guess quite a few of us are praying that WiMAX will come quickly. 🙂
    NTT: I guess the Telco have to embrace this new technology and change their business model. The same business model that works 10 years ago won’t work now. And if you notice, the 3 telco in Singapore knew about this. That why they are moving into mobile data instead of mobile voice.
    Nick: Korea always have the new technology first. Maybe we geeks should consider moving to Korea. 🙂
    DKs last blog post..Sneak peek into WiMAX

  5. I’m currently using ST’s Broadband on Mobile service, and the data transfer rate practically crawls after 6pm. I sure hope that whatever technology we’re transitioning to next (the 4G one appears to be 3GPP Long Term Evolution) has enough capacity to handle all that demand during peak hours.
    I’m going mad just waiting for Gmail to finish loading!
    pkchukisss last blog post..A Good Meal today

  6. Re. ST’s Broadband on Mobile service – that’s why we’ve been saying that HSDPA doesn’t really cut it for the needs of mobile data…
    Nick Jacobs
    Intel Asia PR

  7. @Nick:
    We’re probably too many people per unit land area for the service to cater to properly. I wonder if anybody knows the number of simultaneous users that these things are rated to support.
    At any rate, the limit is being broken during the evening peak hours! They’re evil to deprive us Internet addicts of the service we paid for! *shakes fist* =)
    pkchukisss last blog post..A Good Meal today

  8. pkchukiss: ST and Starhub’s Mobile BB still not that bad. Wait till you use M1.
    Nick: I think the main concern from everyone is, whether WiMAX can handle the heavy load in a densely populated place like Singapore.

  9. So when will wimax come to Singapore beyond the straits? I thought I read a press release about how Wireless@SG was supposed to bring Wifi to the whole island, but I can hardly get a signal in most areas. Which company is deploying nationwide WiMAX in Singapore?

  10. Wireless@sg? Please lor. Don’t get me started on my complains on Wireless@sg.
    I’m not sure about WiMAX in Singapore. Currently Qmax is putting WiMAX in the Singapore Straits.

  11. Wireless@SG is a mess wifi network with hot spots or within isolated coffee bars or restaurants.
    If you want to experience Pre Wimax 802.16d, you can check out, I have used it for the past 1 yr and the speeds are consistent unlike HSPA plans.
    I am currently using the M1 Broadband USB stick. I can stream youtube unlike Starhub 8mbps fix broadband. If you think HSPA sucks, you should try it again with the Vodaphone K3715 stick. A lot of m1 subscribers never bother to upgrade their Huawei E220 firmware to get better speeds.
    You can see my speedtest results at under networking section.
    ocworkbench´s last blog post..Catalyst 8.12 hotfix didn’t solve the CrossFire issue

  12. ocworkbench: Is WiMAX available in Singapore mainland already? My understanding is that it is only available in the Straits of Singapore.
    Mobile Broadband is good, but the speed is still not fast enough. OK, maybe my expectation is too high.
    Can the firmware be upgraded? Where can we do that? I didn’t know can upgrade firmware. 🙂

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