Enjoying my day

Didn’t plan anything this Birthday. I figured out that I’ve been planning for so many things lately that why not try not to plan for anything for just this special day. I woke up late but just in time for McDonalds Breakfast last order. Stayed at home and surf net and finally decided to get my lazy ass out of the house at 3pm.
The weather is perfect for beach. And that why I’m at Sentosa now. Haha. Yes, I’m typing this blog entry at Sentosa coffee bean while enjoying a cup of Ultimate Ice Blended on a sunny afternoon. It’s like an Oasis in the desert.

The past 12 months has been crazy for me. Lots of changes in my life. I’ve join a new startup, quit my job, attended lots of blogger events and gotten myself banned from some local blog aggregator which I spend so much time in. Wow…. I wouldn’t have predicted all these on my last birthday.
(A peacock just walked passed me. Haha)
Been making birthday wishes on my blog for the past 2 years. And surprisingly, all of them came true. OK, somewhat true. Anyway, it took me a while to think of what to wish for this year. I didn’t even come up with a birthday wishlist this year. That is something rare. Haha.
I think for this year, I just wish that I could push everything I have now to the next level. Sound simple, but it’s really not that easy. We’ll see how things goes on my next birthday.
Anyway, Happy 28th Birthday to myself. Not going to blog too much today. Am trying to enjoy the occasional cool sea breeze and Ice Cold Ultimate Ice Blended. A great way to enjoy my special day.

Oh, and that’s the great view I have when I lift up my head. Cheers!!!


  1. Happy birthday to you!
    I’m glad that you’ve found something you enjoy doing; thankfully I’ve also found my favourite niche, even while I’m studying. The value of loving what you do can never be underestimated.

  2. Knight: Thanks. Actually, you are on time. Not belated. 😛
    Pkchukiss: It’s always nice to find a place where you enjoy to be. 😀
    Buny: Aiya… don’t be jealous lah. You can also take a break and enjoy yourself 1.
    Kenny: You should go there someday. Very beautiful now.

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