DK on Straits Times

Straits Times picked up my article on electricity tariff hike and published a short paragraph on The Sunday Times, 5 Oct 2008. (PS: Page 30)
Another 5 seconds of fame.

‘We, the consumers, can’t do anything because of the monopoly in the energy market. There is no alternative for us to switch to. There is no competition to keep prices in check. There is no motivation for (Singapore Power) to be more cost-effective.’

Straits Times didn’t inform me about this. I only got to know this today when I saw an incoming link from Singapore Power. It seems like the people from Singapore Powers are monitoring it now.
I hope they won’t cut off my power supply just because I complain about them. There is no alternative for me if they decided not to sell electricity to me. Oh shit. I’m in trouble now.
Hahaha…. Kidding kidding. Anyway, I repeat myself, it’s time to open up the energy market in Singapore.


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