End of the world has been postponed till next year

Remember the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)? Well, there is some problem with the magnet and it has to be shut down for repairs.
This means that the planned collision of particles in late October will be postponed till next year around March or April. Which means the world will not end so fast. (That is provided that the experiment will produce a black whole and suck us all in)
Which also means that you should pay your credit cards bills. Damn…. I thought I can skip this month’s bills.

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  1. lol that means i have to still take O levels next year.
    I think there wont be any results from the LCH
    i mean, its like, u accelerate a rice, 2 i mean, in opposite directions.
    make it travel so fast, and crash them together, and get the chinese snack thing, hahaha!

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