Starbucks accused of 'wasting 23 million litres of water a day'

Ouch, that’s some bad PR for a company that which prides itself on being green.
According to an article from The Sun, the giant coffee chain has a policy of keeping a tap running non-stop at all its 10,000 outlets worldwide, wasting 23.4 MILLION litres a day. Every Starbucks branch has a cold tap behind the counter providing water for a sink called a “dipper well”, used for washing spoons and utensils. Staff are banned from turning the water off under bizarre health and safety rules — bosses claim a constant flow stops germs breeding in the taps.
The outrage was huge. News agencies, blogs and forums has been spreading this article like wild fire as I’m slipping my nice warm cup of tall Cafe Mocha. Yes, I’m blogging this article on Starbucks. How ironic. And as I was waiting for my drink, I saw the culprit sitting there next to the espresso machine, constantly pouring water to the sink. I always thought they are recycling the water and there is a filter or something. I was wrong.
Just when I was about to blow the whistle and accuse them of being unfriendly to the environment, the tap stop flowing. Eeeeerrr….. Isn’t it supposed to be always on like what the article said? Something isn’t right here. And I notice that even when the tap is flowing, the water rate is much slower as compared to those on the video. What’s happening?
I did a bit of checking on The Sun. According to Wikipedia, The Sun is the highest circulate tabloid in the world with roughly 3.1 million copies sold daily. But The Sun is not without controversy. Take “>the Hillsborough disaster for example.
So can we trust the story? Does it make sense for a company to waste so much water daily? Is that fresh water or recycled water? What happens to the water after it is being drained? Let’s wait for the official answer from Starbucks before pointing our fingers.
Update: Starbucks Singapore confirms that the tap is fresh water. It is a practice to keep the water in the dipper well clean. WTF….. nobody in the whole company questioned about water wastage? There should be a better way to do things.

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