SMRT: Guess what time was this picture taken 4

Here is another photo of the MRT train. Guess what time was this photo taken.

It’s 10:35pm on a Saturday evening. OK, I know weekend evening is considered peak hour. But with train interval of 5 minutes, it’s hard not to pack everyone like sardines.
Hmmm…. anyone want to sponsor prizes for the next round? I make this a contest. Hahaha.


  1. Our infrastructure isn’t coping with the increase in population! I don’t even think that it would help much if the train operators lowered the interval to 1 minute per train; what we need is more infrastructure, like the Circle Line being built now.
    And add more bus routes! It was a stupid move to axe bus services that duplicated new rail lines, it could have reduced the pressure on the trains.
    In the meantime, I think it’s a good idea to have a picture taking competition =) show the world that packing it on trains like sardines is our new trendy way to live our lives.

  2. eh boss, i took train at 10:30am, which is supposedly to be a very non-peak time with empty trains.
    with someone my area and circumference, its really hard to get in.
    ya it was awfully crowded.
    and when i alight at Dover, wa lao, i get down wrong door, lol, then i have to push through the crowd to get off from the other door

  3. It is not a surprise to see SMRT cutting down on the number of trains prying the lines, afterall they answer only to the shareholders and the PTC is a useless group of people just endorsing whatever price hikes it comes with.
    If PTC as a watchdog is not doing anything, aint it easy for SMRT to just continue whatever it sees important to reduce its operation cost while beefing up the profits.
    It is never about serving the public is has been about money.

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