DK on Sunday TNP

Nicole SMS me last Sunday morning saying I was quoted on The Newspaper, page 3. I usually don’t buy TNP. But I’m curious about what they quote me. So I went to buy the TNP when I went downstair to pack my lunch.
When I got the papers, the first thing I did was to flip to page 3 to see my quotes. But I couldn’t find it. I thought Nicole make a mistake. Might be yesterday’s paper. So I MSN her to check. She confirm that it is Sunday’s paper. So I check the TNP again.
And there it is. 1 very very very small sentence. No wonder I couldn’t find it.

It’s about the blog entry on Singtel increasing the pricing for fixed telephone line.

It is sad that they decided to increase the pricing on a dying technology. Wouldn’t that kill the technology faster?

Another 5 second of fame. Almost missed it. Thanks to Nicole for the tip off. 🙂

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