Uncle DK might not be able to pay for your maintenance fee

OK, I have to admit that I’m still playing Friends For Sale on Facebook. In fact, this is the only game that I’m playing in facebook due to its simplicity. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been playing this game since Feb 2008.
It’s a rather fun Facebook apps. You earn money by logging in every 8 hours. And you earn money when someone buys you or your pet. With that money, you can buy more pets. And your value increase whenever someone buys you.
I was on a mission to buy all the female friends in my facebook, follow by buying all the male friends. So far, I managed to get 61 pets! Woohoo! And I’m worth $2,607,844 in that game. If only I can get that amount in real life. 😀

But there is a change in the rules lately. We need to pay a daily 1% maintenance fee for all the pets we own. Which means if the total value of all your pets is worth $1000, you will need to pay $10 per day.
I got 61 pets and need to pay $212,089 daily. Like that how to sustain?
The only way to survive in the game now is to refund those super expensive pets that I have. But that make their value drop until $500. How can I do that to them? It’s hard to achieve that high value. How can I refund them and push their value back to $500? The feeling is exactly like that time when my owner set me free on Friends for Sale and cause my value to drop.
So how? Set free also cannot. Don’t set free also cannot. Sigh. This game is beginning to lose it’s appeal.
I’ll be getting 1% of my value allowance from my owner. It should be enough to cover the maintenance fee for my pets. But I’m worried that my current owner will refund me and make my value drop back to $500. It took me very long to reach $2,607,844 value lor.
I hope they abolish this new rule. Lots of people are complaining about it and many of them are removing the applications. This new “feature” will kill the game.
Update: As expected, someone started a facebook group to protest this new maintenance fee. 3500++ members already.


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