How fake can it get?

Spotted this on STOMP.

Teen behaves like monkey aboard train
A STOMPer aboard a train was taken aback somewhat to see this teen hanging from a pole.
Jin Yuan told STOMP on Oct 16:
“I spotted this naughty teenage in the MRT train yesterday night at 7pm.
“He was hanging to the pole .. when his parent was not there with him he alighted at Eunos Station.”
According to the STOMPer, he had taken the picture secretly after he noticed the teen while reading his papers.

While the photo is real, the story is obviously fake. Firstly, the guy looks more like in his mid twenties rather than teens. Then the photo is taken in the NEL train but the STOMPer said the guy got off at Eunos Station which is on the East West line. (Unless the STOMPer follow him all the way when he transfer to another train)
And lastly, the photo was taken on a weekday, 7pm. MRT weekday 7pm where got so empty one? The train is usually super crowded during 7pm lor. Where got space for someone to monkey around?
Sigh…. this explains why I seldom read STOMP.


  1. CC: Yeap, look posed.
    Cobalt Paladin: Can see his friends in the reflection?
    Xizor: Sigh… what to do? They are still around.
    Yongwei: Yeap… totally agree.

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