Anti-technology 1 – 0 Pro-technology

My dad has always been anti technology. He don’t know how to use a computer. He doesn’t believe in internet banking. He don’t believe in going online for government services like filing for taxes. (Although I’ve been doing that for him for the past few years) But I can’t blame him. It’s hard for someone at his age to embrace technology like what we do.
But one thing I hate about it is that he always tell us not to use internet banking and online services. He keep telling us that it is not safe and there are hackers and they might steal our money blah blah blah blah blah. I’m fine if he doesn’t believe in technology. But I hate it when he start campaigning for his anti-technology clause.
And he just added 1 more case study to his testimonial recently. Apparently, some hackers managed to obtained the French President’s internet banking passwords. They access his personal bank accounts and stole some money.
But what my dad doesn’t understand is that the same trick doesn’t work in Singapore. You will need to have the ID, password and the second factor authentication (2FA) token. It may be easy to steal the ID and password. But it will be hard to have the 2FA stolen. And seriously, it would be better to steal the PIN number and ATM card instead of the token.
Anyway, even if someone manages to steal the ID, password and 2FA token, they still cannot steal money from the account. In order to transfer money out of the account, the internet banking system will require you to enter a PIN number send to your handphone. So unless the guy managed to get your ID, password, 2FA token and handphone, there is no way they can steal your money thru internet banking. And if someone really managed to get all the 4 items, then he/she really deserves all the money in your bank account. Kidding kidding
But I give up on explaining to him on how Singapore Internet Banking System works. Maybe the hackers can pull off that trick in France. But not in Singapore where there are so many checks. But I’ll just let him win. It’s hard to convince him.
Anti-technology 1 – 0 Pro-technology
Sidenote: If you read my past article, you will know that I’m not a fan of the 2FA token. I still feel that ID, password and SMS are good enough. And I miss that pretty DBS internet banking gal sitting on the floor using iBook.

Oops…. sorry, I digress.


  1. The French president has potentially millions of dollars ready to be hacked. But the peasants in you and me probably have 1/1000 of a peanut in our bank.
    Some ppl are just to jittery to accept technology like as if they have a lot for others to hack away.

  2. Haha – that DBS model in the yoga outfit cheers me up whenever I log in to pay a bill (ouch). She looks really posed but the japanese-looking girl sitting outdoors on the current website doesn’t do it for me.

  3. Gizmore: Problem is, the hacker doesn’t know that account belongs to the president. 😛
    Derrick: Looks like I’m not the only person who miss her.

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