To all my friends in America: Please vote wisely

To all my American readers (I don’t know how many are there):
It’s time for you to choose your next President. The leader of a superpower. And we all know it isn’t an easy job for the next united state president. Not that the past few president has an easy job. But we are now in a global crisis.
Recession is everywhere. Stocks around the world tumble to all time low. Your next president will have to be the person to bring America out of this imminent recession. If America goes into a recession (or even worst, a depression), the whole world will be affected too.
I know this is your internal affairs and I, as a Singaporean, has no rights to interfere with your country’s politics. But your choice is going to affect not just America, but the entire world. In fact, sometimes I feel that the entire world population should be entitled a voting slip for this presidency election. If you elect a clown into the white house, we are all doomed.
And 4 years ago, the clown is George W. Bush. Look at the mess he has done. The war in Iraq, subprime mortgage crisis and declining US dollar value. Many economists and world governments determined that the situation became the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Things might not be this bad if you have made the right choice 4 years ago.
This time, the clown is John MaCain. I don’t think I need to repost this video. There are a lot more video in youtube that tells you that you shouldn’t be voting for John McCain. So please, do not make the same mistake you made 4 years ago. NYT, Anchorage and several other news agencies have endorsed Obama. They can’t be wrong.

We don’t know if Obama will be able to bring the America out of recession. But he is no doubt the better choice.
Please, vote wisely. Vote for Obama.

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