Minister being misled to attending ceremony by an unaccredited university

I was laughing when I read this article on The Straits Times. Our Ex Minister of State, Ministry of Education, Mr Chan Soo Sen is the guest of honour for a Degree Mill convocation ceremony.

The guest of honour at Monday’s ceremony was MP for Joo Chiat Chan Soo Sen, who delivered a speech in Mandarin and English.
Contacted afterwards, he said he had been invited by a grassroots leader and accepted as he wanted to encourage the habit of life-long learning.
Told that WCU was unaccredited, he said he had not been given any information about it. ‘If my presence there had given the university credibility, that was not my intention,’ he said.

Why is our MP attending a onvocation ceremony by an unaccredited University? Wait! In the first place, why is there a unaccredited University in Singapore? Is that allowed? Why do we allows unaccredited university to operate in Singapore? Won’t that ruin our reputation as the leading education hub?
Mr Chan Soo Sen wrote to the forum to clarify the matter saying he was misled into attending the ceremony.
Mr Chan was the Minister of State, Ministry of Education from 2004 to 2006. And he was misled into attending a ceremony by an unaccredited university. What a joke! And now that he is the Minister of State, Ministry of Trade & Industry, it makes me wonder if he would be misled into signing free-trade pact with criminals.
Its quite scary that our minister can be misled so easily. How am I suppose to feel safe at night knowing that he is the guy sitting in Parliament setting laws that is going to affect me? What if someone misled him into making some crappy laws?
And although he said that his presence is not to give the university credibility, but in actual fact, the world doesn’t work this way. All they need to do now is to put the convocation group photo with Mr Chan in all their course brochure. I wonder how many students will be misled into taking up the degree because of that photo.
And seriously, as a Minister, you shouldn’t be misled so easily. Super throw face man. Luckily he not my MP. I wonder who voted him into office.
PS: Maybe I should issue my own degree and send an invite to Mr Chan as the guest of honour. I wonder if I could misled him to attend my University of DK convocation.


  1. i couldn’t stop laughing too.
    i think ah, he never use google leh.
    his aides can come up with EL and CL speeches, but dunno how to use google to search for basic information about WCU or run it through the system. WAH LAU.
    imp´s last blog post..Do You Believe?

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