Podcamp – Amelia's blogging experience

I’m at podcamp. Since all the live blogger are at the other room covering Joshua’s talk, I guess I should do some live blogging at SR4.4. The speaker is Amelia and she will be talking about her blogging experience. She is 25 year old, 4th year student. Graduating soon. She blog at curious foodie.

Some memorable experience like meeting fellow blogger, Sherene Tan. She is living Croatia and they never met each other before. Now that she is in Singapore, they will be meeting up soon

Daryl’s Poutine review. Poutine is french fries with cheese. Daryl (aka Unique Frequency) did the review on Poutine using youtube and publish it on Amelia’s blog when he was guest blogging.

McDonalds Mc Griddle Burger. The burger was launched in Singapore without any advertisement. Amelia tried ordering it on McDelivery and blog about it. When her friend google about McGriddle, her blog appear first.
Food photography Series. Learning how to take photos of food. (Ahh… she is speaking too fast for me)
Others using her recipe.
Referrers from othre blogs, tag, facebook and twitter.
Tips: You cannot blog about something you have no passion about.
Pick your own writing style.
Sincerity. You comment 3 times more than you blog to show that you are sincere.
Link love. Link to people who you like.
Same rules apply. Technology will change, landscape will change. But people don’t. You do not push your sales pitch.
That’s all folks!
Oops. Not really that’s all folks. She is now showing us her blog now. Nice blog with lots of food pictures. Not suitable if you are hungry.
We are now talking about how to attract traffic to blog. One of the audience is the author of 4 card flash and he is asking how to get traffic to his side as its a niche market.
Suggestions that are coming from the audiences.
Engage the community.
If more poker players are reading wan bao, then try find a reporter to write a story about your site.
Its easier to join the community than creating the community.
Evergreen post like cupcake keeps getting traffic as people are searching for it.
That’s all folks.
(Apologies for the bad live blogging. It was a last minute decision to live blog and I wasn’t prepared at all. Was setting up my stuff when she was doing the intro. Bad DK! Next time prepare in advance!)


  1. Amelia: Actually it was quite badly done if you see other live blogger for that day. Haha. Still a newbie at live blogging.
    Shan: Eeeerr… Since when did you study at SMU? Wow…..
    I was at School of Economics & Social Sciences

  2. Tim: I think they did video recording of the entire session. Let’s wait for the video. 🙂
    Amelia: Haha. Another reason why I’m not good at live blogging.

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