Teachers nowadays. Tsk tsk.

I was pretty shocked when I saw the Chinese tabloid article about a primary school teacher taking part in a micro bikini contest in Australia. WOW, what is happening to Singapore? How could the teacher do this? Talking about moral values.
I will not do any reference or links here. I’m strongly against her conduct. How can a teacher wear micro bikini? They should not be allowed to wear micro bikini. In fact, they shouldn’t even be allowed to wear bikini. The only beach wear that teachers are allowed to wear should be traditional 1 piece swimwear. MOE should list out a number of approved beach wear. Remember, teachers are supposed to be role model. Bikini and micro bikini are evil and bad for children, Teachers should not be wearing such evil beach wear.
Imagine what will happen if her students saw the photos of her in the micro bikini? The primary school girls will learn the wrong values and start wearing micro bikini. The primary school boys will be led astray and start looking at pictures of girls in micro bikini. The whole education system will collapse if the students see their teacher wearing a micro bikini. And there is no bailout for this.
And that is not all. The Chinese tabloid also mentioned that she has tattoo, nose piercing and buy drinks at pub. BUY DRINKS AT PUB! What in the world is a teacher doing in a pub? How could she go into a pub? How could she be drinking? Pub is a bad place full of bad guys and a teacher shouldn’t be going to places like pub and disco. They should be doing line dancing at community center and drink orange juice. In fact, teachers shouldn’t be allowed any social life. They should be in school setting exam question or marking homework.
And teachers should not be allowed to have tattoo or nose piercing. What if her students saw the tattoo and start telling their mummy that they want to tattoo Power Rangers SPD or Hello Kitty on their arms?
I hope the teacher know what mess she is creating. She should know that a teacher is supposed to be a role model for students. The entire education system almost collapsed because of her irresponsible actions. How can she put up picture of herself in mini bikini on her blog? Luckily our bloggers and Chinese tabloid are fast to spot her blog and report the news. I’m happy to say that her blog will not be leading anymore students astray as it has been taken down.


  1. Buny: But nobody say it was wrong mah.
    Tian Hong: I was tempted to add in “Must remain virgin”.
    UFC: Yeap. And the government is complaining that Singaporeans don’t get married and declining birth rate.
    CC: Of cos cannot lah. hahahaha

  2. with all u local bloggers talking more about stuff like this than stuff that matters, it won’t be long till the students in question get a more than a whiff of this issue.
    While i’m not into body-flaunting, let’s not forget that the local population isn’t all that ‘moral’ themselves when it comes to dressing, thus, it is not surprising that some locals will feed off the prevailing ‘physical’ culture and try to do ‘better’.
    ed´s last blog post..Photo : BackUp

  3. Well, we shouldn’t forget that teachers are human too and that their private life is what they make of it….and considering that these same teachers are only in their 20’s – 30’s, what’s wrong with them wearing a bikini, having a tattoo or going down to a local pub? They grew up doing it as students themselves.
    If like you say, they should be banned from all these things, then who in his/her right mind would want to become a teacher fresh out of university or polytechnic? No wonder, Singapore (and many more countries) is facing a shortage of teachers.
    What’s more worrying is that people are willing to tread on other people’s personal space like it’s free-bashing time. What people do with their personal time should be up to them. Well, that’s what I believe anyway.

  4. this must be the most ignorant thing i heard all day… believe it or not, teachers are people… just like me and you. they like to do things as well. amazing huh. its amazing on how ignorant people really are. wow

  5. After all. teachers are human beings too. They are allowed to do whatever they want. But not get caught by her students as she is their role model. And whoever said that the people in pubs are bad people? Come on, open up. Not all teachers should be line dancing in community centers. You’re really ignorant. No offence, but hell yeah it is true.
    P.s, your command of english is really bad.

  6. i do agree that the teacher has not been professional enough to not upload her micro bikini photos on her public blog or at least privatize her blog.
    however, there are some things i feel people always fail to note about the incident before criticising the teacher..
    1. teachers are people. NORMAL, LIVING, BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS.
    2. a person wearing a bikini is NORMAL. she is covering up her privates. 21st century. welcome.
    3. she wasn’t nude. it was for a competition. its not like she was wearing it down orchard road or on a daily basis.
    4. blame the teacher, but how about the media? should the government censor all shows that show women clad in bikinis and men in trunks? should kids not be allowed to go to the beaches so they won’t see people in bikinis? that being said, some parents even buy 2 piece swim suits (kiddy bikinis) for their kids. -.-
    5. students these days are native to technology and internet porn is just a click away. don’t think they’ll find it difficult to find racy pictures. so if there’s anyone to blame, its the parents who don’t keep an eye on their kids.
    6. actually, i don’t think the kids would know that their teacher is visiting pubs till the newspaper reported about it. (since when is pub evil? if drinking alcohol is a sin, chocolates should be banned too. she didnt come out drunk or anything, how is it wrong?)
    7. tattoos are just body art. don’t the kids have things like face paints too. if that’s the case, face paints and body paints should be banned from sale in singapore so that children will not conceive ideas of having their body art permanent don’t you think?
    8. nose piercings.. i don’t see what is wrong with that. how about the indian culture? some indian ladies have nose piercings too.. what is wrong with wanting to follow someone else’s culture? if kids really want piercings then it’s up to the parents to control them what. as long as the teacher isn’t flaunting the piercings in the students’ faces its no big deal isnt it?
    please share your views if you disagree thanks=D

  7. It is not a case of suntanning in a bikini on the beach or even participating in a bikini competition. She has appeared on the front page of Sin Min in a micro-bikini with an unbelievably-small “loin cloth” bottom. The population has seen her stripping to near nakedness and publicly parading her sexy nude body. Wonder how surprise her principal was seeing his teacher stood proudly on the tabloid frontpage and beaming back to him in this unimaginably sexy bikini.
    SG has no law that teachers cannot wear bikini. Her public apperance on the newspapers and tabloids is the real cause of her downfall. Otherwise she would have participated in the micriobikini competition till the end and brought back to SG the coveted crown of Miss Microbikini.

  8. bcos there are people like you si bei kapo and complaint other people’s life, no wonder s’pore is shortage of local teacher

  9. Wow this post is absurd . This is as good as saying , you can only be a teacher if you don’t have a life . What a role model is supposed to do is to teach the students right and wrong . Teaching them to be compassionate and have integrity. And if u think that a person with Tattoo and drink alcohol doesn’t possess all this , then u are seriously shallow and superficlal.

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