SMRT: Guess what time was this picture taken 5

Just saw this interview with SMRT President & CEO, Ms Saw Phaik Hwa.

Saw Phaik Hwa, president & CEO, SMRT, said: “The importance of the train is to ensure you can pack as many people as possible.”

Indeed Mdm, Indeed. And my blog entries here, here, here and here are evidences that you and your team have been doing a great job. Keep up the good work!
And I would like to further congratulate you and your team for successfully packing so many people on a weekday train recently.

In case you are wondering, the photo was taken at around 10pm. Amazing. How in the world did you guys managed to find so many people at 10pm. It was indeed a well packed train even at 10pm. A job well done. You guys deserves a huge pay raise for that feat. And we commuters should have another fare hike too for the job well done.
PS: I’m considering changing the name for this series.


  1. you have to recognise the fact that comfort is secondary, bringing people to their destination is primary objective and function of public transport.
    Would you rather be left on the platform and looking blankly at the crowded train leave?

  2. as commuters, we always want the frequency as high as possible. Me for example, I can’t wait to see my bus coming at the blink of an eye.
    Maybe they do have their constraints.

  3. I agree to DK. Profit is their constrain. SMRT is being listed as government believe in market forces such as competition (erm…is it happening in the public transport service?) to be more efficient.

  4. MRT Fibua: Eeerrr…. I do agree with you on the “Our CPF is gone”. But I’m sure this is not the way they are using to recoup losses. *Cough*ERP*Cough*
    Neo: SMRT privatized already. That why they can keep increasing their fares. They only care about profits.

  5. Public transport that you guys take everyday basically should be a government subsidized thing. Remember, this is PUBLIC TRANSPORT. By defination, public transport, is transport, provided by the government, fr the public and prices that the masses can afford. It should not be priced by market forces and sold to you for a profit.

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