Palm Treo Pro first look

I’m still very impressed by the efficiency of Fleishman-Hillard. They contacted me yesterday afternoon and ask if I’m interested in reviewing the Palm Treo Pro. Within less than 2 hours, the phone is delivered to my office. Wow.
So as usual, before I go into my detailed review, here is the first look at the Palm Treo Pro.

The Palm Treo Pro comes in a small box unlike other palm product that I had previously (Palm III, T3 and Tx). I must say that Palm’s product packaging has improved a lot over the years.
The Palm Treo Pro has a very professional look and comes with pretty impressive specs. 320×320 TFT touchscreen, HSDPA, WIFI, Bluetooth 2.0 and built in GPS. Yes, there is google maps too. Sweet.

The Treo Pro comes with a earphone, USB sync cable, a power adaptor with 2 interchangeable plug for both UK and Europe. Great for travelers.
One thing to note is that the Treo Pro is using 3.5mm audio jack unlike most Window Mobile phones that uses propriety port. This means you can use your normal headphone on the Treo Pro without the need of any adaptor.

The thumbpad is almost the same as the thumbpad you see on most Treo phone. At first I thought I would have problem using the thumbpad. But I was quite surprised that I didn’t have much problem using the thumbpad. After all, Treo is famous for its great thumbpad.
The phone fit nicely into my hands. I can actually type with 1 thumb but it is much slower compared to using 2 thumb.
The Treo Pro comes with a removable 1500mAh lithium-ion battery. The specs says it has up to 5.0 hours talk time and up to 250 hours standby. It also comes with a 2.0 megapixels with up to 8x digital zoom and video capture. Remind me to upload a photo taken by Treo Pro in my detailed review.

Like most Treo, there is a stylus at the bottom of the device. The Treo Pro comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition. It has 256MB but only 100MB is available to user. It supports up to 32gb microSDHC cards.
Palm is very generous with shortcut buttons on the Treo Pro. There is a volume control button, Camera button, WIFI button, Mute/Unmute button and power button scattered at the side of the phone.
OK, that’s my first look for the Palm Treo Pro. I’ll be reviewing the Palm Treo for 1 month. If you are interested in playing with the Palm Treo Pro, feel free to drop me a message to arrange a meetup. Also, drop me a comment if you have any suggestions on how to review the unit.
Many thanks to Samantha from Fleishman-Hillard and Palm Singapore for sending me the Palm Treo Pro for review.


  1. Looks cool! I tot Palm will just stop coming up with new products and dissolve into the thin air…
    Oddly, dunno was it ur influence then, I’m never into other smartphones… still trust my good ol’ palm.
    Wa aha.. but i still dun like mac products.
    Shan´s last blog post..思念

  2. Palm has always been at the forefront of smartphones, and the Treo family has a legacy that commands respect like the Royal Family.
    I had the luxury of launching both the Treo 750v and 680 2 years ago, and I must admit, I much prefer the organic Palm OS. Still, both phones, on Windows Mobile and Palm OS respectively, flaunt EASE OF USE like no other.
    I don’t work on the account no more, but still, I will say this in all honesty – for the mobile road-warrior on the go who demands a hassle-free low maintenance and reliable personal assistant, the Treo is the way to go.
    And hey, on a side note DK, can you ask if they’d kindly help repair my old dummy sets the clients gave me? Me being me, I managed to kill both the 750v and 680 single-handedly!
    Pat Law´s last blog real as it gets

  3. Looks very nice and glossy on the exterior. It does resemble a bit like the blackberry bold. How is the battery life like and the web browsing experience?
    You said to leave a suggestion on your blog on how to review it hor? Can provide a video on the web browsing experience and the menu functions?
    It would be ideal if you can dismantle everything too! 😛
    Cris´s last blog post..Featured Startup:

  4. Shan: I’m into smart phones lately. Come come… let me influence you when we meet. 😀
    Nicole: Thx for the suggestions. Will put them down in my review. 😀
    Cris: Can, can dismantle. But that will be the last time anyone send me a review unit. Hahaha. 😛

  5. I bring it along with me everyday. Haha. But today so busy in office, how to play with it?
    Let you play with it tomorrow. Remind me if I forgot. 😛

  6. Chillycrap & Patlaw: Sorry, didn’t notice that your comments went into my spam filter.
    Chillycrap: The Treo Pro and my Palm TX is 2 different class. 1 is a smartphone while the other is a PDA.
    Patlaw: Agree that Treo is a great device for mobile warrior.
    How did you kill the 2 device? Wah. I think their service centre is still at Tangs.

  7. I just took delivery of my Treo Pro. I love it’s form factor and feel, but it sure is a dust and fingerprint magnet. Does anyone know where I can find a shop in Singapore which stocks skins or covers for this baby? I’ve been looking around in Sim Lim Square and Funan IT Mall, but can’t seem to find any other than leather flip pouch. 🙁

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