Plainsunset – Johari Window

Another nice song by local band Plainsunset. Starworld used this song for their Heroes promotion clip.
Plainsunset – Johari Window

You’ve been a part of me so long
Just not the part that keeps me strong
You’ve been a part of me and I know
That I will miss you when you go
So long you’ve been a part of me
Just not the part that we can see
Been a part of me and I know so don’t you go
To countless mornings to endless nights
You keep me waiting for you to get things right
While in the darkness or in the sun
This time my waiting has only just begun.


  1. You should remove the MTV and don’t mention he is a singaporean. The song is nice but the MTV where they focused on his crooked mouth and the fact he is a local degraded this song.

  2. Jolanri: I don’t see how the MTV degraded the song. No doubt this is a low budget MTV, but it is still a great song played by a great local band.

  3. @Jolanri
    The fact that they are local and can produce a great song,i think we should be proud to announce that to the world. What’s wrong with Singaporeans or locally-produced music ? The local music scene needs our support to build up and improve, I do believe that your comment isn’t contributing much to that.
    I think the song is far more important than the MTV itself. Crooked mouth or not, it is really up to the audience to focus on whichever is better – looks or talent ?
    iammyy´s last blog post..As much as I would like to blog proper on my wp for this, I have…

  4. the song is great! I don’t know what the hell has the government (MDA) done about the music scene in Singapore. They should encourage more! Or maybe they shouldn’t. indie FTW.
    sylv´s last blog post..Jing!

  5. There are many nice songs in the world but because they are badly marketed and hence they never got popular.
    Just like there are many good blogs but are not popular and you wonder why xiaxue and kennysia are popular? X factor my friend. The MTV is a complete turn off showing his crooked mouth in the beginning. Goodness, please tell the MTV director to remind the cast not to wear glasses on camera. Nuff said.

  6. jolanri
    i’d love to see how you look. you must be damn handsome.
    I know the singer and he has perfect teeth. You’re probably just viewing it on youtube hence thats why u think his teeth are crooked. Many other musicians around the world have crooked teeth, others overweight, others bad hair, or some just plain ugly. But people still accept them.
    I believe if we took all the members of the band, gave them sharp noses, blonde hair and chiseled jaw lines – you’d probably find no argument with this music video.
    It is people like you who are the barriers to music made in singapore being accepted. Your views do not show any depth or maturity in thought. May I remind you that many artists wear spectacles on their music videos too. Take a look at Death Cab for Cutie. Chris Walla doesn’t have perfect teeth either.

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