How do I live without you?

My iMac is in Hospital.
I think the RAM is faulty. Actually it was faulty for quite some time already. But as I was busy, I just simply pull out the faulty RAM and work with just 1gb. Finally drag myself to the service center. The wait was still alright. Within 15 minutes, it was my turn.

So after the brief checkup, the “doctor” decided that my iMac need to be hospitalized. For 1 week! WHAT? Seriously? Hospitalized for 1 week just for a faulty RAM? Don’t you guys have a spare one or something behind?
Then comes the weird thing. Instead of collecting it at the same service centre at Wheelock Place, I was told to collect it at their Toa Payoh HQ. HUH? You move a iMac all the way from Orchard to TPY just to change a new RAM? And you need 7 days to change RAM?
Seriously, you guys need a lesson on efficiency. There is one saying “You move the man to the mountain, not move the mountain to the man” For this case, the man is the RAM and the mountain is the iMac. Won’t it make more logical sense to move the iMac instead?
And so I’ll be without my iMac for 1 week. How do I live without my iMac?
Trisha Yearwood – How Do I Live


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