Rubbish from PTC

Do you believe this?

The Public Transport Council (PTC) noted that between last December and May this year, buses were late on only 25 occasions and too crowded only 28 times. It put these lapses against the fact that 260 bus services ply the roads daily.

Late on 25 occasions? At first it seems impossible.
But someone from PTC explains to us their definitions of “late”.

To the PTC, a bus is “on time” if the computer at the interchange tracks it as leaving the interchange on schedule…… “We have to be fair to the bus operators and their long-term commercial viability…The delay on the roads caused by congestion is out of their control, so we cannot track them at bus stops,” he said.

Brilliant right?
In another word, if you leave your home on time but still end up late at work, you aren’t late. After all, the traffic condition is beyond your control. Your employer should be fair to you too. Right? Rubbish.
And over-crowded only 28 times? How can that be possible? Can somebody ask the PTC to go Boon Lay bus interchange in the morning? I’m sure you’ll hit your 28 times quota within a day. (PS: Especially the bus to NTU)
Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of having this useless council. The PTC isn’t helping consumers. Transport fare goes up every year. And they come up with some studies that is clearly flawed. Full of rubbish.


  1. I think you are not fair to PTC because you need to understand the definition of overcrowded. I believe this might be their definition.
    A bus is “overcrowded” if the number of people exceed the capacity of the bus when it reaches the interchange. We have to be fair to the bus operators and their long-term commercial viability. The number of passengers boarding at each bus stop is out of their control, so we cannot track them at bus stops.

  2. I would really like to know how they define “too crowded”.. Won’t be surprised if they take it to be : “so full that there’s no place for even one more person”..
    And also.. “so we cannot track them at bus stops”, really?? I thought all buses had some kind of GPS to figure out where they are.. :S
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  3. I think you guys are asking for too much. Nothing is perfect in this world. If you been to any part of Malaysia, you will sing our transport world class. Even my japanese friend say singapore public transport world class.
    Maybe you expect too much liao lah. This is afterall a business entity where earnings of shareholders are equally important.
    It is easy to complain and even easier to find reason to justify it. But at the end of the day, if you compare it with big cities like sydney, london, paris, new york, you can say singapore is not better? I don’t know about you but i hate the tube in london because it is warm, small and lots of mice living below. In shanghai, you really need to push yourself into the train. You REALLY NEED TO! If you care about pushing others off or hurting them, you can FORGET about going up the train.

  4. it is true that traffic condition is beyond control. However, proper planning should be in place to handle such situation. The question is ” is there such any planning in the first place?”
    I have stayed in Shanghai for 6 months. I must say that Singapore is so much better. But. Shanghai’s public transport charges are so much cheaper as compared to Singapore. A long-journey bus trip from pu-xi to pudong costs about 4RMB. With that amount, you can only travel within your residential district. It seems like the standard of Singapore public transportation service has been dropping year-on-year.
    Fee goes up but it is more and more crowded. I am really hoping competition can set in to drive down the cost.
    The main point here is we can’t benchmark our system with other countries just like lky said “we are unique”
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  5. Weekee: Yeap. ALOT of things are out of their control. Haha.
    pkchukiss: Totally agree with you. 🙂
    NTT: They know the buses are late at the bus stop. But they can’t do anything about it.

  6. If they take overcrowding to be “full till no one else can get in or out and people have to stand with their backs or face touching doors” then certaining 28 times is enough for 179 that goes between NTU and Boon Lay. I sometimes have to wait for 4 to 5 overcrowded buses before anyone can get in…

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