iPhone Car Kit Review

The folks at SHOP2u are kind enough to lend me a review set for thier iPhone Car Kit to try out this week. Great timing since I’m driving my Sister’s car this week.

The iPhone Car Kit is fairly simple to use. The kit draws its power from your car’s 12V power outlet. It has a cable for charging your iPhone. It’s the same cable for iPod touch and iPod. The car kit also acts as a FM transmitter. Which means you can listen to your MP3 and podcast on your car’s radio when your iPhone/iPod is connected to the Car Kit. Great feature!

The Car Kit also has a USB slot for you to charge other devices that uses USB for charging. This extends the usability of the car kit to other mobile phone as well. There is also a audio cable for the FM transmitter. This means almost any device with a audio out port can use the Car Kit as a FM transmitter.
The audio quality of the car kit is pretty normal. I tried making a call with the car kit and the other party can hear me clearly. I also tried listening to 65 bit on my car’s radio using the FM transmitter. Sounds good. The only thing I don’t like about the car kit is it’s short stand. It will be a problem if your car’s 12V power outlet is located too far away.

iPhone/iPod charging
Extra USB port for charging other devices
FM transmitter
Short Stand
The iPhone Car Kit from SHOP2u is now selling at S$79.90.
Many thanks to the guys at SHOP2u for lending me this review unit.

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