Give me back my ga-rang uniform

Just collected my army uniform from beach road. Send it there for some sewing. Someone up there came up with some brilliant idea. Put the word “Singapore” on top of the left pocket, move the nametag (Which used to be on top of the left pocket) to the right side. Then sew the division badge on the sleeve and vocation badge on the collar.
Now my uniform looks like NCC uniform with school badge and other decorations. All I need is some map reading, hiking and field camp badge to complete the NCC look. Seriously, give me back my ga-rang uniform. I don’t want to be a NCC.
Oh well…. maybe it’s just me.
On the side note, there is news that the army might be changing the uniform. KNN lor. If you want to change, you better wait till I finish my reservist cycle. Don’t make me change uniform just after I waste money to sew all those badges on my uniform.
Anyway, instead of the old woodland camouflage, we might be changing to the pixel pattern camouflage. Seriously, it looks ugly. I still think we have the best camouflage uniform around. The pixel pattern looks ugly.
But it’s damn good.

Can hardly see the legs.
But how useful is this supposed to be? Weapons can be fired miles away when enemy are still out of sight. Is camouflage still relevant in this digital age?


  1. i thought the name tag has always been on the right side? even before the Singapore tag was introduced…
    Anyway for your last question, it is as good as asking if gun and bullets are still relevant.
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  2. Andrewong2024: I guess a lot of reservist guys wish they won’t force us to change. Let’s pray.
    Chillycraps: Eeeerr…. issit? Let me go back and check. But still need to change the name tag cause the background of the name tag is different. Last time is camo background. Now is green background. Waste money. Beach road aunty very happy.

  3. The thing is no matter how ‘smart’ weapons become, you can’t hit what you can’t see. You can blanket an entire area with a large amount of ordnance but you will very soon bankrupt your state coffers and your economy. 🙂
    The most dangerous weapon is still that one man with a US$50 AK-47 with unlimited ammo.
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  4. Hmm.. I got reservist next year. I just hope I don’t need to sew those stuff on since they’re going to change it by next year anyway. Kind of wasted if I sew it and then they change during reservist.

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