Lunch at 11pm

It’s another busy day at office. Only managed to have “breakfast” at around 3pm.
Been rushing all over the place today to get things done before I go for reservist. Finally decided to leave office and grab some “lunch” home. By the time I reach home, it’s already 11pm.
And here is my “lunch”.

Not quite the usual.
20 piece McNuggets
1 can of Kilkenny
Run of out Hoegaarden, thus replace it with Kilkenny. Still feel that Hoegaarden goes better with McNuggets.
Been a busy day. Running all over the place. Getting things done before I go back for reservist. Lots of things to settle, lots of things to prepare.
Next week will be the first time I’m away ever since we started BLOG2u. Feeling kinda worried. It’s like your child’s first day in School. And for the first time, he is going to be away from you for an extended period. All parents will feel worried on the first day of school.
While I’m sure I’ll be able to get deferment if I apply for one, I choose not to do so. Reason is very simple, if BLOG2u can’t function properly without me, then perhaps there is something seriously flawed with our business model and we really need to do something to fix it before it kills us. Nobody is indispensable.
Anyway, from the look of it, everything will just be fine when I’m away for the next 2 weeks. I’m just being paranoid.
Oh ya, my iMac just came back from hospital. Yippie. 🙂

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