The 12 guest bloggers

OK, I’m leaving in less than 24 hours. Exchanging my keyboard for a SAR21, my T-shirt and Jeans for Number 4. You get the idea, I’m going for reservist.
Iris asked why I always go reservist 1 huh? I also don’t know leh. Every year go back once lor. Quick finish, quick rest. It would be very tough for the body to do reservist when I get older. In fact, I’m already feeling the toughness now. Getting old already.
Anyway, I’ve scheduled some blog entries to be posted while I’m away. So don’t be surprised when you see me posting when I’m supposed to be in camp. I didn’t AWOL. I’m just scheduling my blog entries. (Like I usually do)
But I still think that this is not enough. So I invited my friends and readers to help me guest blog while I’m away. This is going to be fun. I got a grand total of 12 people blogging when I’m away. Cool right? 🙂
Here is a short intro of the guest bloggers who will be keeping you entertained while I’m away.
(The list is not in any order.)
ZhenZhen – A close friend of mine. Veteran guest blogger at my blog. (Back in 2006. Woot!)
Buny – One of my long time reader/supporter. 🙂
Purfectionist – The cheerful gal from Fleishman Hillard.
Corrine – This is interesting. I don’t know her at all. Serious.
Precious – I must say first, she is not my precious.
Alloiscius – My partner in crime. Got a blog but haven’t posted anything lor.
Nicole – One of my most supportive friend. All the best for your exams!
Cobalt Paladin – The guy behind the Optimus Prime mask.
Derrickkoh70 – He works for the company that does one of the best laptop in the world. (Lenovo Thinkpad)
Litford – Kiss ass bassist from Leeson who disguise himself as a PR guy.
Ridz84 – The boss of Widgeous. And the guy who shares 20 piece McNuggets with me for supper.
Plaktoz – When is he coming back?
OK, I’ll leave the rest of the introduction to them. Have fun guys. 🙂
PS: I’ll keep the guest blogger account till 7 Dec. My reservist end on 29 Nov. So we can play for 1 week when I’m back. Woohoo!


  1. pkchukiss: You don’t say man. My unit pack the schedule so tight that it will be squeezed into 2 weeks and burning our Saturday. Only Sunday is free. Sigh.

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