Hello There!

Hello there! I’m Nicole, one of the 12 guest bloggers for DK’s blog. Firstly, am thankful that DK has allowed me to mess up his blog guest blog 🙂
As usual, the exam season beckons for the undergraduates, and here I am, taking sometime out to write an entry here 🙂
You might be wondering how I got to know DK. Well, it all started with tomorrow.sg, where he actively contributes content, and through it, I happen to do some blog hopping and started reading his blog. Since then, I’ve been sort of following the blog, and discovered other blogger’s blogs as well…
As DK goes into reservist, the 12 guest bloggers shall be out to play! 😛 Oh anyway, Platoz has wrote an entry already (edited on 17th November @ 10.30 am). 😛
I will be off to mug for the rest of my papers.
Hasta la vista baby!


  1. You should go find the whole Macross frontier OST…
    Aimo come in two flavours: Orginal and the “Bird Man” version
    The rest of the songs like
    Triangular, Diamond Cravese and 3 Sheryl on stage performance~~~

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