Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone! I’m ZhenZhen and I am here to part time as dk’s guest blogger while he is away for his reservist… I was his first guest blogger in 2006 and this is the second time I am guest blogging on dk’s blog. Time really flies~!
Ok lah… Some short introduction about how I got to know dk. I got to know him 4 years back from some forum that we both frequent. We became quite good friends and meet up once in a while. Once in a while he will tell me things that no one else knows. So anyone who’s interested in knowing what they are, bribe me! 😛
Frankly, I have no idea what else to write anymore. Maybe I will blog about the gathering my friends and I are having without dk here. 😛 Till I have more things to write… Cya~! 😉

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