The gal who gives me Melty Kiss

I still remember couple of years back when she gave me my first melty kiss. The sweet lingering taste of the melty kiss was unforgettable. I can still remember that moment till this day. Its the kind of feeling that makes you crave for more.
To be honest, I didn’t know what’s a melty kiss until that day. If not for her, I would never know what is a melty kiss. And every year, around this period, she would give me a melty kiss without fail. And no, we are not a couple. She is just the gal who gives me melty kiss during the winter season.
Oh, in case you are wondering, this is the melty kiss that I’m referring to.

Haha. Gotacha!
Melty Kiss are limited edition chocolates made by Meiji, and only sold during winter season. And they are in the stores now. Quick! Go get them before they run out of stocks!


  1. Melty Kiss is only sold in Watsons stores!! 🙂 Either that or you have to scour the Japanese snack shop at Central or Liang Court. They might not have the current season one though.
    And they do have Melty Kiss for other seasons, just that Watson’s only imports the Winter versions..
    I’ve been Melty Kiss-ing since before Watson’s brought them in man.. I love THEM!
    Reene´s last blog post..Whats and Hows of Global Brands

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