The Invasion Of Buny, & Some Hello Kittys

Although I’m called Buny in the comments section, I’m not a zha bor (ger). Currently blogging @ Beijing-Olympics-turned-personal-diary-blog and also blogging freelancly for b5media (example: Play Gadgets).
Video gaming, watching anime, gawking at gers and drinkin’ milk tea are my forte but my job doesn’t involve any of these (a pity though). My upcoming posts may be on blogging, anime or some philosophical stuff but hey, life is full of chocolate and random surprises (so exciting).
I may be writing in Chinese but you can be sure these posts will be turned-into-ang-moh unless you are fine with the translation in your Google Reader.
Ttz all 4 now, tata.
P.S: Soli for no Hello Kittys in this post. Maybe next time.


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