Plaktoz, The guest blogger

Thanks DK for the invitation to be only one of the 12 invited few to guest blog for him. You know him la. Nominated for the most insightful blogger category in Omy leh. Blog for him sure pressure one.
I get to know him through blogger activities. Both of us and a few others is the pest of Starbucks cos we always buy a cup of kopi and sit there for the whole day. Seems like recently without me around cannot make it. Wait for me to be back wor!
I think most of the people will be most interested to know who I am. Or am I the only one to think so. Haha. To cut things short, I just graduated from NTU and is now in states for Work and Travel, now working in New Hampshire. I think because he saw me so “eng” (free) that he approach me to help him out.
Why plaktoz? No reason why la. Because it’s unique like me XD and I must plug first. I blog at And you can see I’m called the sensitive new age monk. Actually, I’m just waiting for a ger to make me sin. 罪過罪過. So girls, if you got time, please visit my blog. We can try to make friends first. Haha dunnoe why this paragraph just portrays me as a desperado.
The thing is of cos I dunnoe how come he got so much time to do scheduled post la. It’s not very sincere to his reader right *grinz* 踢館啦.
Lastly, I must thank DK for sacrificing himself to wear green and protect Singapore while people are sleeping at night.
With you in reservist, we feel so safe. 😀


  1. but it’s theirs money not ours leh. like a chinese saying, what goes out of our wallet is very difficult to get back. unless u mean ur coffer also very full la

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