A face to the name

Listed under web personals: My introductory blog post
I don’t normally reveal my identity on the web, so I often lurk around with bad nick names like lickmytoe or udumfook.
I love the internet. Can’t live without it. I learnt that when I was 12 and Neopets first came out.
I probably experimented with most blog apps out there. Livejournal, blogger, wordpress, tumblr, typepad, even obscure ones like bloopdiary. I never had the commitment to maintain them over a long period of time though. Now regularly posting at corr.tumblr.com and orrine.com/freshlinks. (Haha! You guys plug 1 blog, I plug 2 lor! Am I thick skinned or what? Let’s bet how soon DK is going to kick me out. I bet as soon as he sees this.)
I started out as a Web designer but now I manage client accounts at a web development firm. 40% of my time is spent on pacifying. When I work, I give everything I have and work my ass off. When I party? I party to the tune of hell breaking loose. I enjoy meeting new people, but more in person than online.

Here’s me and my cat Jade doing what she does best – rolling her eyes.

Another favourite activity of hers is to get hypnotised by the fan.
Oh yeah one last thing, I’ve discovered my purpose in life and that’s shopping.
So how about you?


  1. seems like i found a buddy. u should come to states to shop. there’s some states with 0% sales tax esp on coach bag etc!!!

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