Let the wrecking begin…

Hello! I must be the last guest-blogger that’s writing in. Truth is, I’ve never written on someone else’s space before and it feels really weird trying to figure what to tell people. 
My name is Ridzuan and I actually blog over at Ridz.sg . I’m a Computer Engineering undergraduate at NTU and also one of the faces behind Widgeous – an online communications platform meant to help people and businesses connect to each other more efficiently. Other than that, I do many other things but you can find out about all that over at my LinkedIn profile or my blog so I shan’t clutter DK’s space with stuff about me.
How did I meet DK? I actually can’t remember. I think it must have been some boardgames gathering of sorts some time ago. From there we connected on the blogosphere and, to cut a long story short, in no time he started making supper booty calls online. Heh. It’s always great when he’s willing to go around to pick people up and grab supper at fongseng or some other places! 
Anyway, I’m really honoured to have been invited to blog over on his space because well, he definitely receives a lot more readership than I do. All that said, I hope to totally wreck his blog before he comes back.
Let’s see if I can pull off any/all of these requests
Any other requests anyone?


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