Half time

It’s been a tough week. Not because the reservist was tougher than usual, but because the body is old. You really have to admit old when you return to bunk with a body ache after just 1 afternoon of outfield exercise. We used to have 3 days 2 nights outfield exercise during NS days without blinking an eyelid. In fact, I’m still aching from the friday exercise.
Book out yesterday at 4pm (plus plus plus). That is considered not bad. I was expecting somewhere around 5pm actually. The thing about army is that the book in timing is always fixed but the book out timing will never ever be fixed. And I hope they don’t have a fixed book out timing too. If ever someone suggest to them that we must have a fixed book out timing, I tell you, the timing will be the latest possible timing. Which is usually 2359. So please don’t give those smart alex scholar officers sitting in the office any smart ideas about fixed book out timing. Things are good for now.
Lots of things that I want to blog about but haven’t got the time. Need to catch up with some work and settle some cravings. Spend yesterday evening trying to settle all my cravings. Carls Jr, Ruffles potato chips, Starbucks Toffeenut latte, blogging, Heroes and Hoegarrden. Still got a few unsettled cravings. Will try to settle them before I book in tonight at 2330. (Don’t ask me why not 2359.)
One more week to go.
Here is a song that kept me going during the whole reservist training. It’s nice listening to it at night while resting in the bunk. Especially when I turn it on loud. Real loud. Thank you DJ Tiesto for the wonderful music.
Tiesto feat Andain – Beautiful Things

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  1. I don’t think you’re body’s old. It’s just not used to doing this kinda stuff. Ns days you do that day in day out for 2 years none stop, of course no prob. How long was it since you last did that? 😉
    you how old only, how can you say you’re old le… There was research to show that your brain reacts to what you say, so careful what you say!!

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