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OUT PRO LOR! (Out Processed aka end of reservist training)
Its a tough ICT for me. But somehow I feel that the training isn’t as xiong as the previous ones. It feels as if I’m getting older and can’t really take such training anymore. Starting to be worried about the next ICT which is expected to be a lot more xiong that this.
Lots of stories that I want to tell. But need to be careful not to cross the line and reveal things that aren’t supposed to be said in the public. I don’t want to be charged for blogging about restricted stuff.
And yes, some officer did told us briefly what we can blog/forum about on the internet.
We are not allow to reveal our unit’s capabilities. For example, if our unit is a heliborne unit, we are not allowed to said that. But we can say that we took helicopter from one place to another during exercise.
And we are not allowed to say the detailed specifications of the weapons we use. But these information are readily available on the internet.
I’m dead serious.
So without breaking any of the rules, I’ll post my story over the next few days. Yes yes, typical guy…. all we know is talk about army story. Haha.


  1. Welcome back!
    Yes, super hate it when you guys gather in a bunch and talk about army stuff. Machiam secret discrimination against women like that. Or that you all must talk about “manly stuff” so that you will be manly. Damn irritating. :/

  2. Chillycraps: Eh, I said “for example”.
    Xizor: Such site will never happen in Singapore. Not for the next couple of years.
    Shelly: Aiya… you can talk make up also mah. 😛

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