It’s been a tough week. Not because the reservist was tougher than usual, but because the body is old. You really have to admit old when you return to bunk with a body ache after just 1 afternoon of outfield exercise. We used to have 3 days 2 nights outfield exercise during NS days without blinking an eyelid. In fact, I’m still aching from the friday exercise.
Book out yesterday at 4pm (plus plus plus). That is considered not bad. I was expecting somewhere around 5pm actually. The thing about army is that the book in timing is always fixed but the book out timing will never ever be fixed. And I hope they don’t have a fixed book out timing too. If ever someone suggest to them that we must have a fixed book out timing, I tell you, the timing will be the latest possible timing. Which is usually 2359. So please don’t give those smart alex scholar officers sitting in the office any smart ideas about fixed book out timing. Things are good for now.
Lots of things that I want to blog about but haven’t got the time. Need to catch up with some work and settle some cravings. Spend yesterday evening trying to settle all my cravings. Carls Jr, Ruffles potato chips, Starbucks Toffeenut latte, blogging, Heroes and Hoegarrden. Still got a few unsettled cravings. Will try to settle them before I book in tonight at 2330. (Don’t ask me why not 2359.)
One more week to go.
Here is a song that kept me going during the whole reservist training. It’s nice listening to it at night while resting in the bunk. Especially when I turn it on loud. Real loud. Thank you DJ Tiesto for the wonderful music.
Tiesto feat Andain – Beautiful Things

I was looking at the date while booking out today. 22 November seems like a familar date. Something happened on 22 November. But I couldn’t remember what.
While on my way home, I suddenly remember…. 22 November is the date that I got my driving license! It’s been 6 years already. Wow. I can still remember that day when the tester was going thru the mistakes that I’ve made in the test. For a moment I thought I’m going to fail. Then he said “Drive carefully”. It took me a while to discover that I passed my driving test. Haha.
Today is also her birthday. It’s been years since we last talk. Hope she is having a great day today. Happy Birthday.
Whenever I think of her, I’ll surely think of this song.
五月天 – 明白


Hi all! Its dk. Ok – not THE dk who owns this blog, but Derrick Koh, guest blogger. I met dk (THE dk) from our interactions at social media events hosted by Intel and my company, Lenovo. I wonder how’s the ol’ chap (dk) doing now – is he in camp waiting anxiously for the Sat bookout from camp, or is he snoring away at home ‘cos his unit let him out early? I guess we’ll find out when he replies to this post (in his veiled attempts to constantly check in to see if any of his guest bloggers have defaced dee kay dot as gee 🙂 – guest bloggers unite! We haven’t tried hard enough yet!)
I’m now blogging on this errand-filled Sat before I start my car Snowy up for the 3pm legal off-peak car usage commencement. I wanted to share what I have planned for Sunday (tmr) – cooking ‘Rice Cooker Chicken Rice’ and my first attemp at baking – a simple, no-frills butter cake. I bought all the baking utensils and just need to pick up the chicken rice and cake ingredients at Sheng Siong across my home tmr after church.
The chicken rice is the usual Hainanese white chicken rice like in the hawker centre/coffee shop (Chatterbox for all you atas folks – you know who you are!) but all to be cooked in the rice cooker, not needing any other pot to boil the chicken etc. Cool right? Sorry but I’m a sucker for cooking so these things excite me. Its also a healthy version not needing that much chicken fat for frying the rice grains prior. Will it taste nice? I’ll blog abt it next week – then you can ask me for the recipe, ok? Incidentally, I cut the recipe from an NTUC supermarket newspaper ad a few weeks ago. (Trivia: Did you know most supermarket ads run on Thursdays? Its true mainly – I learnt this when I was interning at a supermarket food supplier about 15 years ago – yes I’m THAT old).
Since I’m a baking-virgin, I thought I’d start with a simple cake and when I get the hang of it, I’ll try choc chip cookies (I got the recipe standing by :). I wanted to extend my culinary repertoir to include baking ‘cos I thought it’d be a nice, sincere and heartfelt any ocassion gift – like the upcoming year-end season. Not to mention it will save me some cash on thoughtless gifts for people you aren’t that close too e.g. colleagues. Everyone loves a good homemade, cookie right?
Anyways – I gotta to warm up Snowy now. We got errands to run! Let you guys know abt my Sunday cooking adventures soon… Oh yeah – I am going to cook this curry sotong dish as well (the wife loves seafood)- discovered on this fab Malaysia website with drool-ful photos expertly taken by the author Bee.

Thanks for having me, dk. No regrets yet, I hope. 🙂 Later.