Reservist Day One – Revision and Revision

**This entry was hand written on 17 Nov 2008**
Almost overslept. Reached the camp just in time. But the in pro centre wasn’t ready yet. Some cocks up again. We waited for at least 20 minutes before we can start in pro. The in pro went smoothly. Scan IC, check uniform, hair and bags. We reach our bunk in no time. My bunk is at level 5 this time. Slightly better compared to level 6 last year.
We had a simple parade to mark the start of the ICT (In Camp Training). Follow by a short route march in the camp which seems more like a chit chatting session for us while scrolling. Then some weapon revision which I think we totally don’t need it at all. All of us can still remember how to operate our weapons.
Lunch is the usual western food that they serve on the 1st day. The first meal is always the best. Managed to grab a 20 minute nap before the next lesson. It was another revision lesson. The trainer know our PC from my NS unit. We gossip a bit about him. Seems like his bad name has been spreading wide and far. Heard he is still in the arm forces. Sigh. Why did the army keep such a useless fellow?
We had the legendary multi purpose fish during dinner. Yeap, the multi purpose fish is still in the menu. Will talk more about this multi purpose fish next time.

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