The Gathering Without DK…

okok… I know I am not doing a very good job of being a guest blogger, so I am to redeem myself. This time I will talk about… food! *grins*
I met up for a gathering with a few friends of my forum friends whom dk knows too while dk was away for his reservist. Obviously he wasn’t very thrilled to know that we had our once in a blue moon gathering while he was not available. 😛
Ok.. Back to the topic… Food~! Yummy… We had our dinner at this Japanese restaurant called Santouka in The Central. Santouka is located in a ulu corner of The Central so it is not really easy to find. It is best to arrive there by 6.30pm if you are going there for dinner as the place is quite small and their tables will be filled up by around 7pm. Queues will be snaking outside the restaurant any time after 7.

Santouka is basically famous for their ramen. They have a few types of soup base namely shio (salted), shoyu (soya sauce) and miso. I had their Miso Ramen and I must say their ramen is definitely one of the better ones around. A must try from Santouka is probably Toroniku (pork cheeks). Their Toroniku is really tender and yummy.

The ramen here is worth a try if you have not try it yet. 🙂


  1. haha… of course! You really should try their Toroniku. Really nice… We can always go there again but we are thinking of trying another Ramen shop in Central the next time.

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